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About Fingerprint Wedding Bands


If you are looking for a unique and inexpensive way to personalise your wedding rings please read on. Your commissioned wedding bands are handmade and delicately hand-engraved with the fingerprint of your partner and therefore completely unique to each couple. I am one of the few specialist jewellers who have perfected the process of creating beautiful fingerprint rings.



To order a fingerprint wedding band, please follow these 4 steps. The process takes around 8-10 weeks which includes the time taken to create the rings themselves. We can also match up your wedding band to your existing engagement ring band. But this may take a little longer due to bespoke designing of the wedding band.


1. Choose Your Plain Wedding Rings


First, choose your wedding rings. Decide on the basic wedding ring shape. We can engrave on the inside or outside of most rings. If you would like fingerprint wedding bands the ring must be over 2.5mm in width. Choose your wedding rings


2. Place Your Order


Place your order on our website selecting the wedding band. Then add the extra service of the engraving. Add to your order the section that best represents your requirements. (inside or outside)


3. Wait for an Ink Pad & Take Your Prints


You will receive a fingerprint pad within the week. We deliver internationally.

Take your time trying to get a good print for your rings.

Photo paper with a satin or glossy finish can produce great results. Press your finger onto the black pad and press this onto the white paper.

Aim for the clearest print with most definition. Make as many attempts as you want. Remember – the clearer the detail, the better the results.



4. Post or Scan Your Prints


Please post or scan your print to me see below for an address. Please label your fingerprints as ladies or gents and let me know which print you would like on which ring

Either post to us, or scan and email your fingerprints and instructions to our office address.


Email :


Post: B Jewellery


School lane


NN14 4PZ












" We were very confident from the start that the products we received would be of a high quality.

The fingerprint designs is a worthwhile addition"


" The fingerprint wedding rings are ***** 5 Stars!"



"Our wedding bands are so personal we love them!!!!

"  The Fingerprint is the best present ever"



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