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 Bespoke Wedding Rings

Here at B Jewellery we offer a unique bespoke service. We work closely and personally with all our customers to ensure they just get what they have asked for. We can create unique pieces of jewellery for all your special occassions.  From getting married to your anniversary, first child or a birthday.


Behind B Jewellery is myself, Belynda Faulkner, and I have been in the jewellery business for more than 15 years. My new in-house studio gives you the opportunity to browse through handmade, fine jewellery
for inspiration for a gift or to treat yourself.


We offer one-to-one consultations held in our studio based in Northampton. You will be welcome to talk about your ideas and have them brought to life by having drawings done for you free of charge!

If you are unable to come to the studio we are able to do design consultations via Skype or email.


“We can make you a piece of jewellery you will cherish forever.”


One of the most exciting aspects of this company is that it is fully bespoke. This means you can have pieces customised to represent you as a couple or individually. The idea of having engravings, pictures and even your children’s fingerprints adapted as part of the design is absolutely beautiful. The excitement doesn’t stop here though! You can even come into the in-house studio based in Northampton to have a go at making your rings yourself!



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