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The Story

B Jewellery's Journey so far.........

Hello, My name is Belynda and you could say i am the B in B Jewellery. I started the business off very small in 2013 from my garage.


I have always been in jewellery ever since i can remember. At home from a very young age making beaded necklaces for friends and family. It was only when i was a very young girl someone from my village said "well why don't you set up a stall at our local summer fete" and then that's how i started thinking of jewellery as a career. I went to university in London to do a degree in BA in Silversmith, Jewellery and Allied Crafts degree from Sir John Cass London. before this i got myself a local job at a jeweller's in our local town after i did so well at my 2 week work experience I did at school. they offered me a Saturday job and started even before i was allow to process the cash through the till i was selling high brand watches and jewellery. I finished school and went to college to study art, I loved drawing and still do and this has helped me a lot through my jewellery making career. over the course of college and university i started working for a longer company and i was very lucky to move around this company from different shop locations and then working in the head office.

But B Jewellery's journey started very small I left my current job and jumped off the cliff of mainstream work and started to work for myself! i worked from a tiny bench in the garage for the first 2 years until i raised enough many to build a little barn in the garden! i could then start taking customer appointments in the bespoke barn then B Jewellery came alive.

In 2016 I started to look at some shop locations to go a bit bigger. I found this great location near me that I could rent a some space from another ladies shop and I could start selling directly to the public without any appointments needed. 

In 2018 I then found this most amazing shop come available at a brilliant local location called NENE COURT in Wellingborough. I loved this location for my first official store as their were many other some independent businesses there already trading in this shopping courtyard/village. 

I had been at Nene Court then for around 3 years when I started looking for shop No.2! and I came across this beautiful site at Belvoir Castle and in July 2019 I opened my second store.

During Covid was some of the worse times we have ever had to face while B Jewellery has been trading. But coming out the other side of covid I felt privileged to still be trading even after this horrid knock so many other business had face. 

Then in 2022 June we had selected our shop No.3 Oakham. It is such a lovely little town and this was our first shop on a high street we are very excited to open here. Oakham is a wonderful market town we amazing customers and a busy market twice a week.

Here, B Jewellery we use traditional jewellery craft skills alongside with modern designs. We make jewellery using traditional tools at the workshop benches onsite in the shops. Customers love coming in the see all the tools we use to make or repair their jewellery with.  

The customers are also able to meet with a jewellery designer to create a truly bespoke item or browse through the our boutique like shops with a number of ranges of jewellery.

We specialise in unique dramatic gemstones with a modern design. In the shop you will be able to find collections of rings, bracelets and necklaces in a range of mixed gold’s & silver. 

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